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Touring Paddles

Do you enjoy covering long distances with nothing more than your craft and paddle? If you answered yes, you have found the right place. Here at Next Adventure, we carry a wide variety of touring paddles, from small paddle blades/shafts to large, from plastic to carbon paddle blades and shafts. We have the paddle selection to help you go further in style this season.

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  1. Sting Ray Hybrid 2-Piece Posi-Lok Touring Paddle
  2. Shuna Carbon 2 Piece Bent - Standard
  3. Splash Kid's Aluminum Kayak Paddle
  4. Black Pearl Straight Carbon Canoe Paddle
  5. Angler Pro Paddle
  6. Angler Ace 2-Piece Carbon Paddle
  7. Athena 2 Piece Leverlock Straight Shaft Carbon Kayak Paddle
  8. Camano Carbon 2 Piece Bent Kayak Paddle - Standard Diameter
  9. Cyprus 2 Piece Leverlock Straight Shaft Kayak Paddle
  10. Kalliste 2 Piece Leverlock Carbon Straight Shaft Touring Kayak Paddle
  11. Shuna Carbon 2 Piece Straight Paddle -Standard
  12. Shuna Carbon 2-Piece Bent Paddle - Small

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