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Whitewater Paddles

When you are paddling whitewater, you want to be able to rely on your gear. Especially your paddle. At Next Adventure we carry a wide selection of quality brands and trusted whitewater paddles. Whether you like playboating, river running, creeking or racing we have the perfect paddle for you. In the event you lose a paddle out on the water, we carry a selection of 4-piece paddles to help keep you moving down stream and out of a bad situation. We recommend carrying 4-piece paddles to anyone who enjoys river trips were hiking out is not always an option.

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  1. Stikine 1 Piece Bent - Small
  2. Sherpa 1-Piece Straight Whitewater Paddle -  Small Diameter
  3. Surge 1-Piece River Running Paddle - Bent Standard Shaft
  4. Rio FG 4-Piece Whitewater Paddle - Straight Standard
  5. Desperado Carbon Fiber 1-Piece Whitewater Paddle - Straight
  6. Aqua-Bound Shred Fiberglass 1 Piece Whitewater Paddle Yellow
  7. Aqua-Bound Shred Apart 4 Piece Packraft Paddle
  8. Strike 1-Piece River Running Paddle - Bent Standard
  9. Werner Powerhouse 1-Piece Straight Small Shaft Whitewater Kayak Paddle
  10. Surge 1-Piece River Running Paddle - Straight Standard
  11. Strike 1-Piece River Running Paddle - Straight Standard
  12. Rio FG 2-Piece Whitewater Paddle - Straight Standard
  13. Powerhouse 1-Piece Whitewater Paddle - Straight Standard
  14. Adventure Technology Hercules Glass Paddle - Straight
    Adventure Technology Hercules Glass Whitewater Paddle - Straight
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    You save: $127.00 (38%)

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