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Raft Repair

If you are a rafter, chances are you or someone you know has punctured or damaged a raft while out on the water. Repair kits are an essential safety item to carry while out on the water. At Next Adventure we carry a variety of repair kits, adhesives/sealants, patches, foot cups, valves and more. Whether you're looking to add a D-ring, patch some wear spots or are in need of a re-supply for your repair kit, we have you covered!

14 Items

  1. 2" Oval D-Ring PVC Patch
  2. Mek PVC Solvent
    Ace Mek PVC Solvent
    $17.95 $17.95
  3. 1" D-Ring Pvc Patch
  4. Star PVC Foot Cups
  5. 2" D-Ring Large PVC Patch
  6. 1.3" D-Ring PVC Patch
  7. 2" Oval D-Ring PVC Patch

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