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Rafting is part of our culture here in the PNW, there are so many free-flowing rivers for us to discover and explore. Rafting is an adventure that takes a lot of gear while also wearing out your gear fast, that's why here at Next Adventure we carry brands and models we trust. If you are looking for a raft, whether it be an open raft, cataraft, fishing raft, center frame, or stern frame. We have the raft for you!

14 Items

  1. SBDS-140 14' Drop-Stitch Raft
  2. SBDS-120 12' Drop-Stitch Raft
  3. CT-140 14' Cat Tubes
  4. Slice XL Paddle Catarafts
  5. Outlaw Series Rafts Model: 160 Whitewater Raft
  6. Outlaw Series Rafts Model: 120 Whitewater Raft
  7. SB-120 12' Self-Bailing Raft
  8. SB-130 Self-Bailing Raft
  9. SB-95 9.5′ ThunderCloud Self-Bailing Raft
  10. SB-140 14' Self-Bailing Raft
  11. SB-160 16' Self-Bailing Raft
  12. SB-180 18' Big Rig Self-Bailing Raft
  13. Slice Paddle Cataraft
  14. Storm 10.5 Self-Bailing Raft

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