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Rafting brings you to magical places with magical people, here at Next Adventure we love all things rafting and the people that come with it. Whether you enjoy relaxing on swift rivers, class V, daytrips, multi-day trips, raft fishing, or anything in between, Next Adventure has the rafts and accessories you need to have a great time on the water. We have a large variety of rafts, oars, frames, dryboxs, drybags, camp essentials, rescue equipment, high float pfds and much more! Check out our selection today!

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  1. PTC Canoe/Raft Paddle
  2. Slipstream 96 Standard Package Fishing Raft
  3. Badlands 70 Quart Cooler
    Big Frig Badlands 70 Quart Cooler
    Was: $499.99 Now: $399.99
    You save: $100.00 (20%)
  4. Otter 150 Self-Bailing Raft
    NRS Otter 150 Self-Bailing Raft
    $5,800.00 $5,800.00
  5. Badlands 75 Quart Cooler
    Big Frig Badlands 75 Quart Cooler
    Was: $449.99 Now: $359.99
    You save: $90.00 (20%)
  6. Expedition Packraft with Whitewater Deck
  7. Badlands 45 Quart Cooler
    Big Frig Badlands 45 Quart Cooler
    Was: $324.99 Now: $259.99
    You save: $65.00 (20%)
  8. Expedition Packraft with Removable Whitewater Deck
  9. Canyon Coolers Outfitter 125 Cooler White Marble
  10. Wolverine Packraft with Self Bailer - 420D Heavy Duty

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