3Feet Outdoor Low Insoles


3Feet Outdoor Low Insoles

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The Sidas Outdoor Low arch insoles reduce strain on the arches while helping the feet stay comfortable for longer. Designed specifically for low arched feet, the insoles adapts to the shape of your feet providing effective support and reducing strain and discomfort. The insoles are also extremely breathable, perforations provide air circulation and prevent sweat build up within the shoe, not only keeping you insoles fresher for longer but also your shoes.

Additionally, a cushioning foam layer and cushioning heel pad provide ultimate comfort for the wearer during any outdoor activities. The heel pad also works to protect your feet from shocks and impacts when your foot strikes the ground reducing the risk of repetitive injury.

• Perforations: Maximum breathability
• Comfort foam: Comfort
• Shell suitable for low arches (2.8 cm) promoting body alignment
• Heel pad: Cushioning