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Smith Goggle Lens Tint Guide


  • VLT - Visible Light Transmission. This is a percentage based on the amount of light that will come through to your eyes. Generally, a higher percent VLT makes it easier to see through the lens in low-light conditions. A lower VLT percentage will be more useful during very bright conditions, and when dealing with harsh reflective glare from the sun. VLT % may vary between spherical and cylindrical lens shapes.
  • ChromaPop Snow: Divided further by three categories, Sun (Lower VLT%), Everyday (Medium VLT%), and Storm (Higher VLT%), Smith's ChromaPop filters two specific wavelengths of light that cause color confusion. By doing this the lens delivers greater definition, more natural color, and unmatched clarity to allow you to see more detail.
  • Photochromatic: This technology is a grey inner lens layer that changes VLT% based on the lighting conditions. This shifting spectrum differs depending on the other lens layers.
  • Ignitor: A mirror lens layer that is used to reduce eye fatigue.
  • Sol-X: Mirror lens layer best used in bright lighting conditions.
  • Flash: A lens layer that adds depth and contrast during stormier weather conditions.
  • Sensor: A mirror lens filter to help reduce the intensity of glaring light from reflections as well as tints to create contrast in flat lighting.


ChromaPop Sun (9-13% VLT)
Lens Tint
VLT Light Conditions Notes
Sun Green Mirror
Bright Grey base lenses are used to keep color tint closer to neutral.
Sun Black 12%
Sun Platinum Mirror 13%
Sun Red Mirror 16%



ChromaPop Everyday (23-50% VLT)
Lens Tint
VLT Light Conditions Notes
Everyday Green Mirror 23%
Medium to Bright Brown base lenses add warm color for a touch of contrast on cloudy days.
Everyday Violet Mirror 23%
Everyday Red Mirror 25%
Photochromatic Rose Flash 20-40% Medium to Bright Photochromatic lens quickly changes VLT% based on lighting.
Rose base lens increases contrast for overcast days.
Everyday Rose Gold 36% Medium Rose base lens increases contrast for overcast days.



ChromaPop Storm (50-65% VLT)
Lens Tint
VLT Light Conditions Notes
Storm Yellow Flash
Low Yellow Blue Flash Base lens for stormy low light days.
Storm Rose Flash
50% Low Blue Flash base lens helps with contrast when there's little detail.



Smith Lenses
Lens Tint
VLT Light Conditions Notes
Clear 89%
Low Snowy, Foggy, Night
Yellow 69% Low Snowy, Foggy
RC36 36% Medium Rose/Copper base lens
Polarized Rose Copper 25% Medium to Bright Reduces glare, neutral tint while adding contrast
Yellow Sensor
65% Low to Medium Yellow base lens
Blue Sensor Mirror 60% Low to Medium Rose base lens
Red Sensor Mirror 55% Low to Medium Rose base lens
Ignitor Mirror 35% Medium to Bright Sunny, Cloudy
Platinum Mirror 25% Medium to Bright Rose base lens
Photochromatic Red Sensor 30-50% Medium to Low Rose base lens with VLT shifting lens
Red Sol-X Mirror 17% Bright Brown base lens with red mirror
Green Sol-X Mirror 12% Bright Brown base lens with green / purple mirror
Gold Sol-X Mirror 7% Bright Brown base lens with gold mirror
Blackout 10% Bright Grey base lens