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Next Adventure is a proud partner of Snowvana 2022

Snowvana is the ultimate celebration of Winter and the biggest get-stoked party in the Northwest. Join Deek, Bryan, and the Next Adventure crew for a true celebration of winter, with everything that snowriders love. At Snowvana, you’ll find the world’s best ski and snowboard films at the Mt. Hood Film Festival, a great selection of craft beers and spirits to quaff, live music from top local artists, great deals on gear from Next Adventure and other area retailers, fun contests and entertainment, and the Northwest’s largest ski swap. What else could you ask for?

Snowvana is the only place where you can check in with Oregon’s top resorts, pick up some free stickers and swag, get exclusive Snowvana-only deals on lift tickets, pick up your season pass, and grab all the new gear for the 2022/2023 season.

Oregon Convention Center, November 18-20, 2022
Friday: 4pm-9pm
Saturday: 11am-7pm
Sunday: 11am-4pm

Snowvana Experiences & Events

1000 Free Kids Skis from Next Adventure!

Want to get your little ones excited about skiing?  Get them their first pair of skis!

Next Adventure is giving away a free pair of kid's toy skis to 1000 "never-ever" kid skiers. “My first skis” will fit on any kid's snow boot and are best suited for kids under age 7.  These skis are all about teaching balance and allowing the kids to practice shuffling in skis and get accustomed to the awkward feeling of “oversized feet,”  all while in the comfort of your own home.  " My son spent more time with these skis on our hallway carpet and in our front yard than he ever did on snow, they are just great practice,"  said Deek Heykamp co-owner of Next Adventure.

Kids and a Parent must be present at the Next Adventure booth to try out these signature model skis before receiving your very own pair.  There are a limited number to give away each day so come early as there are on a first-come first-served basis.


Meet the Industry

Snowvana is where the industry comes together to share information and to get stoked for the upcoming season.  Come meet Industry experts and manufacturer representatives from all of your favorite brands.  Learn what's new in technology, design, and performance in the fresh new products rolling out for this season.  This is the place to ask all those technical questions that you have always wanted to ask.  


Massive Gear Sale

The largest selection of new, cutting-edge gear ever assembled in one Portland location with special show pricing from Next Adventure, and other local retailers.


Free Ski and Board Binding Adjustments

Get your skis, boards, and bindings adjusted for free in the Next Adventure Tuning Shop


VR Ski Lounge

Challenge your friends to a dual ski race on a virtual mountain. Free Snowvana sticker for each participant.

Northwest’s Largest Ski Swap

Get 30-70% off Used Gear at the Biggest Ski Swap in the NW!  The Snowvana Ski Swap is one of the most anticipated events of the weekend. It’s the place to find lightly used gear for an affordable price. Each year, the community is invited to sell or purchase winter gear ranging from ski boots, snowboard bindings, goggles, ski travel bags, jackets, and so much more.

Mogul Busters Learn to Ski Ramp

Mogul Buster Learn to Ski Ramp will give kids a chance to boot up and hit the slopes on real skis and snowboards guided by instructors from Mogul Busters!


Northlake Snow Rider Fitness Pavilion

Snowvana attendees can receive an on-the-spot fitness and flexibility evaluation by North Lake Physical Therapy and learn about individualized exercises and stretches to help avoid injuries on the slopes. They will be hosting plank contests which will be held in the North Lake booth to win one pair of Atomic Skis daily.


Kids Sled Dog Rides

Meet mushers and pups from Cascade Dog Sledding Club and experience a sled dog ride on our 100’ track.


Next Adventure Backcountry Pavilion

Presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

This new feature will include manufacturer reps demonstrating the latest gear plus seminars on avalanche safety and backcountry techniques.


High Cascade Half Pipe

Athletes from High Cascade Ski and Snowboard Camps on Mt Hood will be on hand to provide demonstrations and clinics for kids of all ages in the Windells Mini Skate Park.


The Shred Academy Mt. Bike Skills Course

Test your skills on a curvy, raised, wooden mountain bike trail.


Oregon’s Most Popular Resorts

Win passes and get amazing deals from Mt. Hood Meadows, Timberline, Mt. Bachelor, Mt. Hood Skibowl, Hoodoo and Mt. Ashland.


Next Adventure Nordic Pavilion

Meet manufacturer reps and see the latest gear in the Next Adventure Nordic Pavilion.

Frozen T-shirt Contest

Presented by Atomic

Four contests will be held during the three-day weekend and sign-ups must be done in person at the event. 10 participants per contest will be vying for a pair of Atomic Skis and other prizes on our new elevated Atomic Fro-T Stage.


Alpine Artist Gallery

Regional artisans will be on hand selling and creating mountain-influenced arts and crafts. From jewelry to paintings, photos to ski furniture you’ll find many unique gift items for skiers and riders on your list.


Non-Profit Partners

Snowvana gives back to the snow sports community and the many organizations that work tirelessly to support our passions. Several non-profit organizations will be educating our guests about their important roles in making winter sports safer and more enjoyable for all.

Mt. Hood Film Fest

Amateur Film Competition –

This year, we teamed up with our friends at Level 1 and Unofficial Networks to host the first-ever Snowvana Amateur Film Competition! With $5,000 in prize money up for grabs, we received a ton of great submissions from a handful of impressive crews. Now that the winners have been announced, we’re excited to invite the top crews to showcase their films in-person at Snowvana’s Film Fest!


Anywhere From Here –  

The sport of skiing is unquestionably one of the most diversified recreational pursuits imaginable. By the time a lifelong skier reaches middle age, he or she has likely dabbled in or fully dedicated him or herself to a myriad of facets within the sport. Each facet provides an entirely new set of experiences, thrills, challenges and rewards.

Matchstick Productions 2022 ski film explores this world of opportunities through the eyes of a 12 year-old freestyle phenomenon. Through his voice, the audience hears the skiing aspirations of such a 12 year-old, a kid who just wants to play and doesn’t have to ponder “real life” quite yet.

The core of this film is packed with a star studded cast of skiers shredding across the globe.

Caite Zeliff, Christina Lustenberger, Colter Hinchliffe, Dane Tudor, Elyse Saugstad, Griffin PostIan McIntosh, Jim Ryan, Johnny Collinson, KC Deane, Kai Jones, Nick McNutt, Parkin Costain, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Sammy Carlson, Tim Durtschi, Veronica Paulsen

Magic Hour 

Magic hour is not so much a particular time a day as a culmination of powerful moments in some of the most beautiful, wild places on the planet. For 27 years, Teton Gravity Research has been searching for the right place with the right crew at the perfect time to experience life at its fullest.

Between the thrill of the hunt and the peace of floating down a mountain, the sum of our experiences becoming greater than its parts is what we seek. If you ask us, our annual snow film Magic Hour is just that.

Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, Ian McIntosh, Griffin Post, Nick McNutt, Tim Durtschi, Kai Jones, Christina Lustenberger, Sam Smoothy, Parkin Costain, Amy Jane David, KC Deane, Veronica Paulsen, Jim Ryan, Michelle Parker, Jeremy Jones, Bode Merrill, Simon Hillis, McRae Williams, Jake Hopfinger, Nat Murphy.

Feel Real –

It’s been said, since time immemorial, that one of the best courses of action in life is to live in the moment. For their eighth feature-length, action and personality-packed ski movie, Blank Collective Films opts to not only adhere to that ideal, but to celebrate the moment itself. From embracing vulnerability, to engaging in exploration, opening your eyes and ears, and never taking oneself too seriously, Feel Real represents the past and present moments, memories and friendships that have shaped The Blank Collective into the skiers they are today.

Sam Kuch, Tonje Kvivik, Eric Hjorleifson, Markus Eder, Emily Childs, Logan Pehota,
Caite Zeliff, Lucas Wachs, Mathea Olin, Cole Richardson, Craig Murray, Lucy Sackbauer, Mark
Abma, Sam Cohen, Dennis Ranalter, Hunter Hess, Birk Irving and introducing Walker Woodring.

Something In The Water – 

The inimitable skiing of Jake Mageau – in the powder, in the streets, and in the park. Captured through the lens of Brady Perron, from their backyard in Utah to the pillows of Mt. Baker. Presented by Level 1, supported by ON3P, 686, and Fat Tire.

Jake Mageau

Something – 

Level 1 presents SOMETHING, a snow riding experience with Parker White. Directed by Freedle Coty. Filmed on location in British Columbia & Kläppen, Sweden. Supported

Rossignol, 686, Rainier, and Autumn Headwear

Bar Fight – 

Benshi Creative