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Spy Goggle Lens Tint Guide


  • VLT - Visible Light Transmission. This is a percentage based on the amount of light that will come through to your eyes. Generally, a higher percent VLT makes it easier to see through the lens in low-light conditions. A lower VLT percentage will be more useful during very bright conditions, and when dealing with harsh reflective glare from the sun. VLT % may vary between spherical and cylindrical lens shapes.
  • HD+: Happy Definition. Dull landscapes vanish with HD+ lens technology, providing increased clarity, sharper focus and accentuated changes in terrain while reducing eye strain and improving your mood and alertness. Models: Legacy, Legacy SE, Marauder, Marshall.
  • S3: 12-15% VLT - Sunny days
  • S2: 15-46% - Mixed days that may be sunny to cloudy
  • S1: 46-54% - Flat light and low light powder days, and night lenses
  • Spectra: Multiple layers of mirrors that help reduce glare on bright days


Sunny / S3 (12-15% VLT)
Lens Tint
VLT Light Conditions Notes
HD+ Bronze w/ Green Spectra
Bright Darker lenses and strong mirrors shield your eyes from the sun on those bluebird days when SPF 30 is a must
Bronze w/ Green Spectra 15%
HD+ Rose w/ Blue Spectra
HD+ Bronze w/ Red Spectra
HD+ Bronze w/ Silver Spectra
Bronze w/ Silver Spectra 13%
HD+ Bronze w/ Gold Spectra 15%



Mixed / S2 (15-46% VLT)
Lens Tint
VLT Light Conditions Notes
HD+ Bronze
Bright to Medium
Lenses dark enough to shield your eyes from the sun, but offer increased contrast when the sun decides to hide.
HD+ Low Light Pink w/ Blue Spectra
HD+ Low Light Persimmon w/ Silver Spectra
HD+ Low Light Persimmon 49%
Bronze w/ Red Spectra 20%
Low Light Persimmon 53%



Flat & Night / S1, S0 (46-83% VLT)
Lens Tint
VLT Light Conditions Notes
HD+ Low Light Yellow w/ Green Spectra
Low to Medium No sun, no problem. Specially tuned lenses with increased contrast aid visibility in your quest for powder on grey days.
HD+ Low Light Persimmon
HD+ Low Light Yellow
HD+ Low Light Grey Green w/ Red Spectra
Low Light Yellow 66.6%
HD+ Low Light Clear
49% Low (S0)
Night shredding requires clear lenses that shield your eyes from wind and chill while allowing full vision under the bright lights.