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Sweet Protection Supernova II GORE-TEX Dry Top Size Chart

Please note: All measurements are from the product, not the body. To measure, take an item that fits you well, lay it flat, and whip out a measuring tape.

 Size S M L XL
Chest Width 66cm (25.98") 69cm (27.17") 72cm (28.35") 75cm (29.53")
Waist Width  45cm (17.72") 50.5cm (19.88") 52cm (20.47") 53.5cm (21.06")
Back Length 61cm (24.02") 63cm (24.80") 65cm (25.59") 67cm (26.38")
Sleeve  90cm (35.43") 93cm (36.61") 96cm (37.80") 99cm (38.98")
Waist Tube Stretch 55cm (21.65") 58cm (22.84") 61cm (24.02") 64cm (25.20)