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Tenkara Flies - 3 Pack

Tenkara USA

Tenkara Flies - 3 Pack

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Designed to maximize your arsenal during a variety of water situations and  a variety of species, these premium flies come in a 3 pack and will help you land the fish of legends and Instagram.

The Takayama Sakasa Kebari - is the tenkara fly that completes the assortment of 4 flies. Offered in size 16, it's the smallest tenkara fly. Unlike in Western fly fishing, where a lot of people believe a super small fly is necessary, tenkara anglers hardly ever go any smaller than a size 16 for their fly. The size 16 fly will be handy for those days when a fish is rising to the fly but not taking it, or in waters with a little more pressure and pickier fish.

The Oki Kebari - Many tenkara anglers in Japan favor larger tenkara flies, even for trout in mountain streams. With faster flowing waters, larger flies give fish a good opportunity to see it and the potential high energy intake is too much for them to resist. Particularly effective for when the water is flowing fast, or for when the bugs are bigger, this size of tenkara fly should be in every angler fly box. Their forward-facing hackle also ensures a very lively fly underwater. This tenkara fly can be a very effective "secret weapon". Size 8. Three Flies.

The Amano Kebari is the only tenkara fly used by Mr. Katsutoshi Amano, a name readily recognized by tenkara practitioners in Japan. Like most tenkara masters in Japan, Mr. Amano sticks with one fly pattern, and his entire box is filled with the same exact fly - same size, same color. This tenkara fly comes alive when underwater, especially if pulsated.


The Ishigaki Kebari - These are the tenkara flies used by renowned tenkara angler, and leading authority on tenkara in Japan, Dr. Hisao Ishigaki. For the last 10 years, Dr. Ishigaki has used this one tenkara fly pattern exclusively, and has continued catching as many fish as he ever did. The Ishigaki Kebari (Ishigaki fly) fully embodies the simple spirit of tenkara fly fishing, where more emphasis is placed on the technique of the angler, not on the gear he uses. Size 12. Three flies per set.