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Toko Gloves and Mittens Size Chart

 US Men's Size US Women's Size European Size
-  XS 5
-  S 6
S  M 7
M L 8
M/L XL 9
L - 10
XL - 11
XXL - 12



Toko gloves use European sizing which means numbers from 5-12. There are distinct advantages to this system over the traditional XS-S-M-L-XL unisex sizing. Conversion figures are approximations.

Smaller sizing increments. The difference in fit between a 6 to a 7 or a 9 to a 10 is smaller than the difference from S-M or M-L yielding a better fit.

More sizes to choose from. 8 sizes means more sizes to choose from compared to traditional American sizing where men and women have a maximum of 5 sizes to choose from (each).

For dealers, less SKUs (items) to stock. Because a women’s L and XL are actually larger than men’s S and M for example, there is overlap with the traditional American sizing system. With the European sizing, there are less sizes overall, but more sizes to choose from because the overlap is eliminated. This means that dealers can stock more glove sizing variety while stocking less gloves overall.