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Trip Report Submission Form

We're excited to hear what you have to say. Most fields below are required but some are not. We ask that you fill out all fields to the best of your ability. If a field seems like it doesn't really apply to what you are reviewing, don't let it stump you, just enter something.

Don't worry too much about formatting the text; you won't be able to. Just let the thoughts flow. All of this information will be reformatted and posted by our Content Development, Aggregation & Propagation Team.

Photo Criteria

  • Chronological – Do the photos flow with the report you’ve written up? Try to include a few shots from start to finish that compliment your narrative.
  • Human Element – In the end, these are built to drive traffic to Next Adventure. People need to connect with your report, they need the “I can do that” feel. Get a shot of you or your buddies engaged with the environment.

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