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ParaShovel PRO


ParaShovel PRO

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The UST ParaShovel Pro is a perfect combination of tools that can be used for various tasks on any campsite. The ParaShovel has four inches of trowel (that even has inch marks printed directly on the shovel) that be used for any kind of digging, disposal, line measuring, or stirring hot ashes from a campfire. One side of this trowel is a saw blade for any cutting tasks you might have. Use the line cutter slots for cutting the included paracord or other cords and line as well. The tip of the shovel has a tent peg prying tool designed right into it to make pulling out tent pegs and other prying needs a breeze. The handle of the shovel has a ParaTinder paracord wrap to provide a comfortable grip while in use, extra line or even a tinder thread if needed. The flint fire starter helps you light any kind of tinder with the reliable sparks it produces, no matter what the weather. For simple signaling, the wrist lanyard has an integrated whistle that hides in the handle of the ParaShovel. All these tools and features fit nicely in the included sheath, to make for even easier carrying and safety.

  • Multi-functional stainless steel shovel
  • 4" Trowel Blade for burying waste and maintaining fire safety standards
  • Line cutter on trowel blade cuts paracord and more
  • Cutting blade edge for various cutting needs
  • ParaTinder Cord provides a comfortable grip, extra tinder thread and spare lines
  • Tent peg pry tool allows for easy removal
  • Black-oxide finish on shovel for protection and rust resistance
  • Whistle provides simple signaling device
  • Fire starter to ignite a wide range of tinders
  • Includes a protective sheath for safe storage
  • UST Limited Lifetime Warranty