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2-Piece Super Bright LED Button Light Kit


2-Piece Super Bright LED Button Light Kit

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Why cut and splice when you can just plug-and-play? Yak-Power has completely revolutionized LED lighting for kayaks with Yak-Power's patent-pending through hull 12-volt connectors and plug-and-play wiring. Adding LED lights to your kayak has never been easier! Simply drill a hole, screw in the self-tapping button light, plug them in and power them up. Blue LEDs are best for night vision. No wires to cut or splice, no caulking, and most importantly, no leaks.


  • Yak-Power's LED Button Lights have Super Bright LEDs that are fully encapsulated into a 5/8” socket head housing with a 12ft. jacketed cable and waterproof connector. It’s complete with plug-and-play SAE connectors for easy integration into any Yak-Power system.
  • Super Bright LEDs
  • 12ft. jacketed cable with waterproof connector
  • Anodized aluminum, self-tapping, self-sealing and waterproof through hull housing
  • No cutting or splicing required
  • Integrated 5/8” socket head for easy installation

Product Weight: 1 lb

Drill Hole Size: 9 mm

Current Draw: 0.1 amps per LED

MPN: YP-LEDK-BLB2 (Blue), YP-LEDK-BLG2 (Green), YP-LEDK-BLR2 (Red), YP-LEDK-BLW2 (White)

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year